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Welcome to the AFM!

Welcome! and thank you for visiting the official Apostolic Faith Mission In Zimbabwe website. This ministry is committed to helping people from all walks of life experience the unconditional love and unending hope found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Contact us today! and we will be glad to make a difference. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. ( 2 Timothy 1 vs 7 - NKJV )

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Our statement of faith

We are a vibrant organisation whose roots are firmly tapped into the one true sound Gospel of Jesus Christ. We strongly believe in the Bible and that it is God's answer to the salvation of mankind. We believe in :

  • The one true God (Father), Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.
  • The divinely inspired and written word of God.
  • The Christian sacraments (ordinances) of Water Baptism and the Lord's Supper.
  • The Pre-millennial Second Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Who is the AFM?

The Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe is a live Pentecostal movement, the bride of Christ, an integral part of the Apostolic Faith Mission International and the World wide Church of God, a revelation of the church of

Christ governed by Him as Head according to the Holy Scriptures, working of the Holy Spirit and his ministrations. The church has its origin, continued existence and destiny in Christ.

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Am so glad to view the news and events online while am here in America. Praise The Lord!
Christina Mupanda, USA
Confidance Muza, MEMBER - AFM Zim
Thanks very much for the website. It has lots of content which was not easily available to us. Most of our members do not know our statement of faith so please keep on publishing things to do with our doctrine so that we do not lose focus and be tossed by the doctrines of this age.
Tanaka Kombera
Ndinoda kupa kutenda kubasa guru rakaitwa rekumisikidza WEBSITE yekereke yedu. Zvikuru sei munguva ino ye-information technology uye tichishumira pamwe naMinister we ICT. Zvinova nyore kuti tiwane zvinoda kuzivikanwa nenguva (information on time). Saizvozvi zviitiko zvegore rino zvose ndatova nazvo.Ndinozvitenda. Mwari ngavakudzwe!
Muranda Mathew
Congratulations on putting up this website. It was long overdue. It will be a great tool for propagating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus and for communication to those that follow what is happening in the church. I look forward to seeing a gallery, videos, sermons, live streaming of events and more. God bless and keep up the good work.
Gilmore Kunaka

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