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About the Apostolic Faith Mission Church

The AFM uses the Presbytery system of church government and the estimated membership of the AFM in Zimbabwe is 2 300 000 (2.3 Million) comprising believers from all walks of life and of various dialects.

AFM in Zimbabwe is led by a democratically elected President and Apostolic Council. They serve a 3 year term which can be extended as long as they are re-elected into office. The supreme board of the AFM is the National Workers Council. The Apostolic Council runs the church on behalf of the National Workers Council (NWC). The President is chairman of both the NWC and the National Council. Currently AFM in Zim has 26 provinces around the whole nation under the leadership of Overseers and provincial board of elders. The Overseer with the Provincial Committee runs the church on behalf of the provincial board of elders which is the supreme board at provincial level. As the church is grows, more and more provinces shall be created.

When Canadian born John G. Lake landed in Cape Town harbour on May 14, 1908, he had little idea of the impact he would have on the church in Southern Africa and internationally. He was accompanied by a close friend, Thomas Hezmalhach. He and Thomas Hezmalhach, who was born in England, both moved to America and came under the influence of the famous Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles in 1906.They both worked for a while in the ministry of Alexander Dowie's Zion City, and their ways crossed again at the Azusa Street Mission. In 1907 Lake became convinced of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. He prayed for nine months to receive it and then while praying with Thomas Hezmalhach for a woman suffering from rheumatic fever, he was baptised in the Spirit. In his own words Lake described what happened: "My nature became so sensitized that I could lay hands on any man or woman and tell what organ was diseased...." Thomas Hezmalhach had served as a minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in England, but when he came to America he became a preacher with Holiness Church. One night while riding on his horse he experienced the presence of God and started speaking in an unknown language. Later he learned from some Pentecostal people that he had experienced what they termed the "baptism in the Spirit". He then joined the Pentecostal Baptist Church.

John Graham Lake
Lake was born on 18 March 1870 in Ontario Canada. He was one of 16 children. His family suffered from various sicknesses, 8 of the children died early and at least one was left invalid. Lake trained as a Methodist minister and was ordained in 1891. He left the ministry to go into a series of business ventures. He founded a newspaper, moved into real estate and finally into the insurance business. Offered a $50 000 a year guarantee to be the manager of an insurance trust, Lake still felt that God was calling him to devote his energy to preaching the gospel. The sickness in his family brought Lake into contact with John Alexander Dowie, the apostle of healing of their time. Lake witnessed the resurrection of his sister who had died after being prayed for by John Alexander Dowie. After seeing the power of God demonstrated by Dowie in healing members of his family, including Jennie his wife, Lake entered the ministry of divine healing in 1901.

Having become close friends, John G. Lake and Thomas Hezmalhach were led to go to South Africa, sailing in April 1908. Lake brought his wife, seven children and four adults, believing that God would provide for their needs. After a few services in Cape Town and a short visit to Pretoria, they felt led by God to settle in Johannesburg. An American woman missionary called Mrs Goodenough met John G Lake and his team at the railway station telling them that during the night, God had told her about their coming to Johannesburg and that she should meet and accommodate them. By 3pm that day the Lakes were settled in a furnished home. Lake had a stronger leading personality though he was 22 years junior to Thomas Hezmalhach who was gentle and a loving person. Of Lake Lindsay writes: "Mr Lake was a strong, rugged character of loving and winning personality, and.....he was a rugged individualist, and such persons have a tendency to make enemies as well as devoted friends"

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National Executive Board Members:

Rev Amon Dubie Madawo (President)

Rev Amon Dubie Madawo is the current President of AFM in Zimbabwe. He was elected President in November 2018 at the inception of the Amended Constitution after having served as General Secretary from 2009 to November 2018. Born of a Pastor, Rev Madawo began to minister in the house of God from an early age of 16 to date. He began evangelism in the streets and the rural areas. In 1989 he enrolled for a diploma in theology with Living Waters Theological Seminary and he was ordained in May 1993. Between his graduation and ordination period, he ministered in the rural areas of Inyathi. After ordination he pastored in Victoria Falls and later moved to Hwange where he pastored until 1996. In Hwange he pioneered two churches before moving to Marondera where he pioneered two more churches. From 1999 to 2019 he pastored at New Life Assembly in Chitungwiza, a church that he also pioneered which grew to more than two thousand members. On his return from the United Kingdom in 2007 he continued to pastor at New Life Assembly until May 2019 when he moved to Shiloh Word in Malbereign. During his tenure at New Life he led in the construction of a 1500 seater auditorium. In 1997 to 2004 he was Provincial Secretary for Chitungwiza East and then rose to become Deputy Overseer of the Province until 2006 when he left for the United Kingdom to pursue his master’s degree in Theology. While in the UK he also pastored on part time basis in Birmingham. When he came back was then elected Overseer of Chitungwiza East in 2009 and later the same year was also elected the General Secretary of AFM in Zimbabwe, a post he held until November 2018 when he assumed the post of President of AFM in Zimbabwe.

Academic Briefcase : God has taken him through the academic path and he is a proud holder of a Diploma in Theology (LWTS) 1989-1991, Bachelor of Religious Arts Biblical Studies (LWTS) 1998, Masters in Theology (Life Christianity University, UK Branch). Rev Madawo is also a certified marriage officer since 1999 and he is married to Mrs Catherine Madawo and they have been blessed with 4 children. He is also a lecturer at Living Waters Theological Seminary and pastoring at Shiloh Word Miracle Centre in Malbereign.

Rev Clever Mupakaidzwa ( Vice President )

Rev Clever Mupakaidzwa is the current deputy president having assumed the office in 2018. He was born on the 3rd of July 1960 in the rural areas of Gutu under chief Chitsa. He did his primary education at Chinanga primary school and moved to Bulawayo where he did his secondary education at Mpopoma secondary school. In 1986 God called him for His work and he enrolled with Living Waters Theological Seminary for a diploma in theology. After graduating in 1988, he went for probation in at Luveve Assembly under Rev Chikomo and upon completion of his probationary term he was posted to Victoriafalls on the great commission where he first find a single family of worshippers. God on the centre of it all, he managed to spearhead the establishment of 3 vibrant branches in Jambezi and after working 5 more years in Victoriafalls, in 1994 he was again send on the same assignment but in a fresh environment Zvishavane where for 6 years he measured up to God’s task. He letter transferred to Bulawayo Metropolitan city in Cowdry Park where he served for 2 years and again with the blessing of the provincial council he went to Pumula East, tarried for 2 years before going to establish a church in Pumula South. God, for his glory, seemed to have imbedded a nomadic nature in him, man on a mission, he again transferred to Saurce town and to Nhkulumane Central (Gethsemane) in 2007 and finally to Bellevue Assembly in 2012 where he pastors to date.

Academic Briefcase : Rev Mupakaidzwa is a holder of a Diploma in Theology (LWTS) 1988, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Theology degree (GRACE LAWMA INSTITUTE, United Kingdom) 2010. Rev Mupakaidzwa is a loyal son of AFM in Zimbabwe, a minister of the gospel mightily used by God as an Apostle who once served as deputy overseer for Matabeleland Central province and then rose to be the overseer for Bulawayo South Province since its inception on the 25th of January 2008 to date.

Provincial Info

Rev Briton Tembo ( General Secretary )

Born on the 20th of February 1970, Rev Briton Tembo went to Gamwa primary school and secondary school in 1976 and 1983 respectively. He gave his life to Jesus and he was baptised by Rev ZG Msipa in 1981. In 1991 he answered to the charismatic call into God’s work and enrolled with Living Waters Theological seminary, four years later he married Hilda Gwatidzo, Rev M Mazadza presiding over the marriage as the Marriage officer. He began ministry in Uzumba Maramba Pfumgwe where, by the grace of God, he ignited the fire of the gospel from 1994 to 1997, acquiring a church stand, built a personage and established four assemblies. He was then transferred into Harare’s’ Kuwadzana high density assembly. Together with 6 others, they registered a Private Voluntary Organation (PVO) where he is the executive director. He was elected provincial board member in 2005 and as provincial Secretary in 2006 until 2012. When Harare Central was created he was then elected an overseer in 2012 until August 2019, when he resigned and joined Harare West province, called by Goodhope Assembly. He was elected Overseer of Harare West province in October 2019. He was then elected the General Secretary of the church in November 2018 and after the adoption of the amended constitution on the 4th of May 2019, the title changed to Secretary General. This is the position he currently holds to date.

Elder Christopher Chemhuru ( Treasurer General )

Elder Christopher Chemhuru is the current AFM in Zimbabwe Treasurer General elected into office in 2018. He was born on the 7th of November 1964 in Harare. In 1971 to 1978 he did his primary level and then went to Bernard Miseck for his form 1 to 2 and then to Cranborn Boys High School for form 3 to A level. On the first of September 1990 he tied the knot with Mollen Chemhuru, a holy matrimony presided over by Rev M Mazadza as marriage officer. In 1997 he was ordained as a deacon till year 2000 when he was elevated to be an elder. In 2000 he became Harare province YPU committee member and in 2003 he was appointed Harare West province treasurer and by the grace of God in 2005 he was elected provincial secretary for Harare south province the same year he was elected YPU national Treasurer until 2006 when, due to his charisma, was elevated to be national administrator. In February 2012 he was again elected to be the provincial administrator of Harare central, deputising Rev Shumba up until 2018 when he then became AFM Treasurer General.

Academic Briefcase : Elder Chemhuru is a proud holder of a BSC honours in Economics MBA UZ, CIS certificate 1998, In 2012 he affiliated with the Institute Of Bankers. In 2006 he became the CEO for Locan company and later on travelled to Botswana where he worked as the general manager for Lobatse Clay works until 2009 when he came back home to be the CEO general manager of ZELLCO Cellular. Today he is the founder and owner of Faith Bricks Pvt Ltd Company located at number 6 Denmark Road Milton Park Harare. Since 1990 to date he is a member of AFM Kambuzuma assembly.

Rev Jemitias Chivhenge ( National Board Chairman )

Retired Rev Jemitias Chivhenge is the current national board chairman of AFM in Zimbabwe since the inception of the amended constitution in 2018. He was born on the 9th of April 1953 in Zaka, Masvingo and completed standard 1 to 6 in 1968. On the 8th of October 1980 he married Teresina Chivhenge and Rev Kupara presided over the holy matrimony as the marriage officer. In 1992 God called him into his vineyard and he heed to the charismatic call and enrolled with Living Waters Bible College and graduated in 1994, 2 years later on the 5th of May 1996 he was ordained. God elevated him to be the overseer of then Mashonaland West province, before it was divided and he saved in that office from year 2000 to 2006. After 6 more years he resumed the office, 2013 up to 2018 when he then retired. He was the first to establish a church in Karoi town where he evangelized for three years before moving to Kariba where again he stayed and preached for 3 years that ended in 2000. Since then until 2019 he was fulfilling God’s proverbial assignment at Bread of Life assembly in chinhoyi. Though past his retirement age, God seemed to still want more from him for His Glory and growth of His Kingdom and on the 4th of April 2019 to date, he shoulders the chairmanship position of AFM national Board, the first one in AFM history.

Academic Briefcase : Rev Chivhenge is a holder of a Diploma in Theology (LWTS) 1994, Bachelor of Arts: Major In Church Management Elders’ Gate College) 2015, God has blessed him with 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys and He is pastoring at Shabach, a year and a half old assembly in Chinhoyi.

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