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Bulawayo North Province

B ulawayo North Province takes most suburbs on the northern side of the City of Kings. The Province was the centre of the original Matabeleland North Province running from Plumtree to Victoria Falls. As the work of the Lord progressed the province was demarcated and gave birth to Bulawayo and Matabeleland North Province. The Bulawayo province was later demarcated and gave birth to Bulawayo South and North Province. The province covers areas outside Bulawayo up to Shangani along the Harare road.

We are determined to advance the work of God through the proclamation of the gospel, extending the Kingdom of God by any and every lawful means, according to the Holy scriptures and as led by the Holy Spirit, whilst upholding the highest standard of Christianity, moral behavior and will of God in our lives.

The province also stretches up to Insuza on the Victoria Falls road. The Province has 31 localised assemblies, 2 centralised assemblies and 4 sub assemblies. Dr. Reverend N Nhira is the current Overseer and pastors the Selbourne Park Assembly.

As a province we have other vibrant departments that are influencial in the propagation of the Word of God. These include the Intercession, Evangelism and the Praise and Worship departments. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all our endeavors, result focused, hardworking, and self-reliant.

To date the province is undertaking the following projects:

• Completing and officially opening Ntabazinduna Assembly church building.
• Roofing and officially opening How Mine Mission House.
• Securing / Fencing Queenspark Provincial stand.
• Securing/Fencing Lobengula Provincial stand.
• Roofing Lobengula Church.

Intercession team:
Led by Reverend L Bwanya – prayers for major provincial activities.  Two prayers, one all night and one three days absolute prayer held so far in 2012.

Praise and Worship team:
Led by Reverend L Bwanya – mainly active at provincial conferences and provincial crusades and revivals.  Joins the Intercession team for prayers and also conducts own prayer meetings.

Evangelism team:
Led by Reverend E Chirombe – has undertaken four revival/crusades to date.  Targeting a total of twelve crusades in 2012.

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The following challenges have been or are currently being experienced as a province:

  • Unemployment causing untold suffering to families
  • Liquidity crunch – has a negative impact on tithing and offering
  • Proliferation of questionable ministries
  • High cost of living, utilities
  • Decline in economic activities in Bulawayo

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Dr. Rev N. Nhira
( Overseer )
Selborne Park 0772 201 150
Rev B. Gunda
( Deputy Overseer )
Mpopoma Bethel 0772 702 015
Elder S. Sebata ( Provincial Secretary )
Elder P. Mlilo ( Provincial Administrator )
Rev C. Gomba
( Youth Leader )
Sauerstown 0773 089 106
Rev L. Bwanya
( Committee Member )
Northend Miracle Centre 0773 661 899
Rev E. Chirombe
( Committee Member )
Covenant Mzilikazi 0772 763 957
Rev L. Chabata
( Committee Member )
Queens Park 0772 932 939
Rev L. Tembo Makokoba 0772 690 541
Rev E. Chitsika Mpopoma South 0772 294 862
Rev T. Ndlovu Entumbane Yobel 0772 240 212
Rev O. Murambatsvina Lobengula Springs of Grace 0712 916 000
Rev B. Changunda Emakhandeni Jubilee 0775 663 914
Rev F. Sibanda Magwegwe Fellowship 0773 911 892
Rev T. Zvavahera Luveve Shalom 0773 910 346
Rev L. Mazenge Gwabalanda Royal Life 0773 910 263
Rev K.R Kawonde Cowdray Park Central 0772 389 079
Rev E. Shana Cowdray Park East 0773 739 205
Rev E. Mungoni Cowdray Park West 0772 742 699
Rev W.S Manyumwa Njube 0773 060 077
Rev E. Mpofu Imbizo 0772 312 180
Rev P. Kapofu Fairbridge 0774 780 788
Rev F. Bganya Woodville 0773 910 389
Rev T. Nyoni Inyathi 0772 727 112
Rev S. Kokera Nkayi 0774 587 339
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