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Chitungwiza East Province

C hitungwiza East Province, an organ of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe, a live Pentecostal movement, the bride of Christ, is an integral part of the world wide Church of God, governed by Christ as Head, according to the Holy Scriptures and the ministrations of the Holy Spirit. The Province covers the eastern part of the Chitungwiza Municipality which includes Unit A to Unit P, Mayambara communal lands, the whole of Seke Communal Lands into parts of Chihota Communal Lands and resettlements.

Our prime objective is to be a united Province, working as a team towards the spiritual, numerical, financial, physical/structural and developmental growth of the AFM in Zimbabwe in our Province, and Assemblies and also as individuals and families.

The Province came into being in March 2009 when Mashonaland East Province was split as part of the vision of the AFM in Zimbabwe National Executive church expansion. The Province currently has 25 Assemblies, 19 localised and 6 centralised assemblies with 28 Pastors including Evangelist Mrs T. Chiweshe. The Province also currently has 50 Elders, 52 Deacons and 129 Deaconesses. Adding the assembly membership statistics, Chitungwiza East Province has a membership of about 10000 members+/-.

The 6 000 seater Provincial Conference Centre Auditorium - Under Construction

Youth activities within AFMZ are based on holistic and integrative approach where all the needs of the human person are addressed, these needs are; spiritual, social, intellectual (SOUL, SPIRIT & BODY).All the teaching and programmes with the AFMZ youth departments are based on the confession of faith outlined in the constitution of AFMZ. These are Biblically based and pentecostally driven. The youth programmes with AFM are designed in a manner that addresses the full being. These programmes are implemented from assembly level, provincial to national level.

We are building a 6 000 seater Provincial Conference Centre Auditorium which is now at ring beam level.

The Provincial Fundraising Project Team is running a chicken rearing project with sales being directed to the building of the Conference Centre.

The Evangelism Team is led by Rev M. Chigumbu. Empowered to organize Evangelism crusades throughout the province in support of the growth strategies. To also support and train local Assembly Evangelism teams and crusades.

We also have major challenges on our PA system, completing the Provincial Conference Centre which is under construction; we are using temporary offices at the Conference Centre and of course the official vehicle for our Overseer.

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Rev A.D Madawo ( Overseer ) New Life 0772 334 662Visit Website
Rev T. Tarupiwa
( Deputy Overseer )
Word Of Life 0772 249 732
Elder P. Kasasa ( Provincial Secretary ) 0772 863 811
Elder J. Gutu ( Provincial Administrator ) 0772 268 419
Pastor M. Chigumbu
( Youth Leader )
Ebenezer 0773 637 780
Pastor E. Beka
( Committee Member )
Grace Fountain 0773 762 335
Pastor T. Tsikai
( Committee Member )
Goshen Fellowship Centre 0773 214 969
Elder F. Ndoro ( Committee Member )  
Pastor W. Gahadza Victory Family Miracle Centre 0772 215 315
Mrs. T. Chiweshe Mt. Carmel 0772 315 060
Pastor Mazuru Mt Moriah 0772 809 987
Pastor R. Chivandire Maranatha 0772 700 415
Pastor M. Mahwebo Bread Of Life 0772 689 497
Pastor M. Muyambo Amazing Grace 0773 170 229
Pastor B. Munyamana Hebron 0772 727 100
Pastor M. Nyereyemhuka Mt Olivet 0774 073 670
Pastor L. Madiye Welfare Department 0772 647 116
Pastor M. Mapiye Agape Fellowship 0773 545 659
Pastor G. Nyakudya Muvirimi Bethlehem 0777 348 663
Pastor H. Chidhume Arise And Shine 0773 893 653
Pastor G. Mwanza Bethel 0772 971 808
Pastor P. Muguti Oasis Of Life 0772 727 107
Pastor D. Gutu Razunguzwa Rivers Of Life 0772 809 999
Pastor R. Gunda Holy Spirit Revival Centre 0777 538 850
Pastor M. Kamuchira Masumba Rehoboth 0775 510 216
Pastor P. Mundoga Prayer Life Tabernacle 0775 585 892
Pastor E. Mukaro Divine Revelation Centre 0772 533 917
Pastor D. Mapanda Worship Centre 0772 750 160
Pastor A. Mudami Kingdom Life Assembly 0773 289 212
Pastor T. Mukozho Jubilee Center 0773 912 416
Pastor Z. Chiguma New Covenant 0772 806 197