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Harare East Province

R everend Amon Nyika Chinyemba is at the helm of the Harare East Province as the Chairman. He took over office in 2008 as the first Chairman of the Province after the then Greater Harare Province was split. Reverend Chinyemba is in his 2nd term in office for the next 3 years after resoundingly winning the 2012 Provincial Elections.

Our prime objective is to be a united Province, working as a team towards the spiritual, numerical, financial, physical/structural and developmental growth of the AFM in Zimbabwe in our Province, and Assemblies and also as individuals and families.

AFM Harare East Provincial Headquarters are based in Prospect Waterfalls District. The Province’s geographical area covers the Eastern suburbs of Harare demarcated by Samora Machel Avenue to the North. Such suburbs are Hillside, Braeside, Cranborne, up to the whole of Epworth. Manyame, Hatfield Sunningdale, Mbare, Waterfalls District, Chivhu City and rural. The Harare east Province initially started off with 21 Assemblies (local & rural) but now boasts of a whooping 35 Assemblies.

The Province is made up of various departments that compliment the vibrant movement of the Word of God in line with our vision. These are explained below :

Intercession Team (Click to expand)

Leader: Rev Mawanza
The department has a vibrant team. It holds regular meetings on a monthly basis.

Praise and Worship Team

Leader: Rev Gwatidzo
The department is functional and is very strong. It takes care of all provincial gatherings.

Evangelism Team

Leader: Rev Magwentshu
The team was launched this year. Evangelism crusades have so far been held in Southlea Park, Featherstone and an impending on for Glenwood Park scheduled for the 17th – 22 September 2012. These have been very successful as evidenced by the huge turnout of people as well as new converts at the churches.

Ladies Department

Leader: Mrs Chinyemba
The Sisters Union department is also very strong. It has acquired a Minibus as well as a keyboard for the Province. Ladies Union Conferences are held on time as well as Big Chinas where all the members meet.

Young People's Union

Leader: Rev Matope
The YPU held its Provincial Conference in Chivhu – Hokonya which is a central point for all centralized and localized assemblies. The YPU department is in possession of a lorry and is currently working on upgrading the Provincial PA System.

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Rev A.N. Chinyemba
( Overseer )
Unlimited Grace 0772 514 000
Rev J. Nehanda
( Deputy Overseer )
Gospel Fire 0772 940 291
Elder E. Manyika ( Provincial Secretary )  
Elder E. Mtombeni ( Provincial Administrator )  
Pastor P. Matope
( Youth Leader )
Mainway Meadows 0772 727 105
Rev P. Munyengeterwa
( Committee Member )
Waterfalls 0773 302 287
Rev C. Magwentshu
( Committee Member )
Highway 0772 499 987
Rev J. Jambaya Adonai 0773 056 604
Rev K. Mafukidze Agape Revival 0772 727 119
Rev C. Nengomasha Braeside 0773 552 422
Rev H. Zimbango Chambara 0773 276 765
Rev T. Havana Chipisa 0773 370 255
Rev Tirarame Chivhu City Centre 0773 359 568
Rev S. Mukaro Chivhu DLC 0773 295 207
Rev P. Mamutse Cranborne 0772 136 744
Rev J. Mudimu Domboramwari 0772 381 254
Rev T. Rabson Glenwood 0712 966 477
Rev J. Midzi Featherstone 0773 260 002
Rev T. Rusere Hatfield 0772 957 211
Rev A. Mawanza Kingdom 0772 335 899
Rev T. Sigauke Kings Palace 0772 976 262
Rev C. Gwatidzo Manna Worship 0772 448 203
Rev C. Gwaendepi Manyame Airbase 0772 498 568
Rev T. Mufayi Manyene 0772 265 003
Rev K Gutusa Mashambamuto 0772 056 441
Rev B. Muroyiwa Mercy Seat 0775 022 751
Rev. B. Malava Mhuru 0775 222 969
Rev E. James Msasa Park 0772 672 439
Rev G. Choto New Revelation 0773 099 852
Rev S. Maurukira New Start Centre 0772 231 697
Rev K. Kwirirai Nharira 0733 913 033
Rev A. Manyame Overspill 0772 292 437
Rev M. Mapfumo Salem 0773 910 246
Rev L. Chiangwa Shammah 0773 359 106
Rev I. Meza Sunningdale 0772 292 437