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Harare South Province

T he Provincial overseer is Reverend Isaiah M. Magaya, has been in ministry for the past 23 years, and has served on a number of assemblies. He is married and has six children .He has a Masters in Theology and currently a PHD candidate in counselling. Has been a missionary in Kenya for four and half years involved in Bible College training and church planting. He is the current chairman and pastor of Budiriro West Assembly.

Our prime objective is to extend the Kingdom of God to the whole world in general and in particular Harare South Province by any and every lawful method according to the Holy Scriptures as contained in the confession of faith of the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe church.

Harare South province was born from Harare West Province with 23 Assemblies and grew within a period of five years to 43 Assemblies which has resulted in the birth of Harare Central Province. At present it has 23 Assemblies and pastors. The residential areas covered are from Southerton, Budiriro, High Glen, Mhondoro Central and Mhondoro Ngezi. It is surrounded by Harare Cental, Midlands and Harare East.

Youth activities within AFMZ are based on holistic and integrative approach where all the needs of the human person are addressed, these needs are; spiritual, social, intellectual (SOUL, SPIRIT & BODY).All the teaching and programmes with the AFMZ youth departments are based on the confession of faith outlined in the constitution of AFMZ. These are Biblically based and pentecostally driven. The youth programmes with AFM are designed in a manner that addresses the full being. These programmes are implemented from assembly level, provincial to national level.

Through fundraising activities and individual efforts we have managed to acquire the following:

  • Public Address System
  • Provincial Truck - Mazda Titan
  • Y.P.U vehicle

We have a team in place lead by Rev A Chimombe.They are empowered to organize crusades in our province.They also work with assembly evangelistic teams.  We usually conduct 3 to 5 crusades per year both in the urban and rural places.

We are facing challenges of securing places of worship and a conference centre.We have 7 assemblies which do not have church stands in Greater Harare.We hire grounds fo our conferences which causes a bigger financial burden.

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Rev. Magaya ( Overseer ) Budiriro West 0772 869 464
Rev. L Musasa
( Deputy Overseer )
Glen View  Central 0773 039 409
Rev M. Mutsvedu
( Provincial Secretary )
Glen Norah Central
0772 802 500
Rev. N  Pavari
( Youth Leader )
Glenview 7
0772 846 232
Mr S. Wadi      
( Provincial Administrator ) 0773 372 125
Rev.  A. Chimombe
( Committee Member )
Budiriro Central 0772 951 538
Rev. J  Ringson
( Committee Member )
Highfield East 0773 577 706
Rev. Nyakutya Glenview 8 0776 069 861
Rev. Chizemo Glenview  1 0772 449 817
Rev. Muzarurwi Dunamis 0772 373 756
Rev. Ngandu Budiriro East 0772 697 291
Rev Mavhunga Highfield Central 0772 882 267
Rev. Mkundwi Southerton 0772 881 722
Rev. Garinga Budiriro South 0772 701 373
Rev. Maunganidze Budiriro North 0772 446 788
Rev. Chipindu Highfield North 0712 585 828
Rev. Midzi Glen Norah  West 0772 869 574
Rev. Machokoto Ushewokunze 0773 913 188
Rev. Mutsakanyi Zengeya 0772 229 908
Rev. Musoko Beatrice 0772 811 206
Rev. Manyanga Watyoka 0775  698 991
Rev. Kalonga Mt Zion - Mbudzirume 0772 759  166
Rev.  Mheswe Chizinga 0714  292  709
Rev.Muhwandavaka Dondoshava 0772  995  028