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Mashonaland Central Province

M ashonaland Central Province was born in 1996 from the then Mashonaland Province. The first Overseer and Chairman became Rev Matafeni Shumbambiri who led for three consecutive terms up to the year 2004. After him came Rev Svinurayi Gwenzi who is the Overseer and Chairman to date.

The thrust of the province is evangelism focusing on the urban communities which are densely populated. These communities are prone to evils associated culture mix and globalization.

The province is located in the Northern part of Zimbabwe. It stretches from the Glenara Estates just outside of the Great Harare to Kanyemba Boarder Post with Zambia, and to Mukumbura Boarder Post and Mukosa Boarder Post with Mozambique.

The thrust of the province is evangelism focusing on the urban communities which are densely populated. These communities are prone to evils associated culture mix and globalization. In Zimbabwe, the church plays a significant role in the livelihoods of the community through improved socialization, youth empowerment, counseling services and social corporate responsibility.

To date the province has managed to attain the following achievements:

• Acquired one church stand (2000m2) at Rusike suburb, Marondera
• Acquired one church stand (4000m2) at Lendy Park Village, Marondera
• Completed one Pastor’s house (4 bedrooms), New Hope Assembly.
• Completed one abolition block at DTRC, Assembly Dombotombo.
• Built Overseer’s house at Rufaro Mission (YPU project).
• Purchased one Toyota Hiace Minibus.
• Purchased one Sedan (Mercedes E200) for the Overseer.
• Purchased one computer and printer for the Provincial Office
• Purchased one full set of Public Address System.

Currently the province is undertaking a number of simultaneous projects as indicated below:

• Shekinah Assembly - Mission house under construction and development of church hall.
• Divine Truth Revival Centre - Church under refurbishment and development of mission house.
• New Hope Assembly - Church Hall development
• Macheke Assembly - Mission House and church building under construction.

The Evangelism Team is led by Rev M. Chigumbu. Empowered to organize Evangelism crusades throughout the province in support of the growth strategies. To also support and train local Assembly Evangelism teams and crusades.

We also have major challenges on our PA system, completing the Provincial Conference Centre which is under construction; we are using temporary offices at the Conference Centre and of course the official vehicle for our Overseer.

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Rev  S. Gwenzi
( Overseer )
Bindura City 0773 544 522
Rev C. Muringai
( Deputy Overseer )
Concession New Life 0772 283 665
Rev C. Nyenza Glendale Elshaddai
( Provincial Secretary )
0772 854 995
Elder G.M Chikuni ( Provincial Administrator ) 0772 439 986
Rev G. Nhembo
( Youth Leader )
Aerodrome Hebron 0775 331 516
Rev T. Gunyere
( Committee Member )
Mt Darwin 0773 425 405
Elder S.C Mutonhori
( Committee Member )
***** 0773 428 246
Rev M. Shumbambiri Bethel ***0773300840
Rev E. Rwatirera Centenary 0773915514
Rev F. Gufu Centenary North 0773192569
Pastor M. Musonza Chemagwenjere Mt Sinai 0772406654
Rev E. Manyika Chipadze Shammah 0772423179
Rev N. Maimba Chiwaridzo Amazing Grace 0772689497
Rev S. Chitsinde Chiwaridzo Revival Centre 0772223394
Rev L. Kudoma Chiweshe Central 0772858690
Pastor G. Tsikwa Chiweshe North Gilgal 0777420016
Rev L. Mhende Chiweshe South 0772343293
Rev F. Muzivi Christon Bank 0712585075
Rev J. Karenge Dotito 0773155032
Rev S. Taruvinga Glendale Shalom 0712755799
Rev G. Taderera Guruve Central 0775701507
Rev Z. Muzaza Guruve South 0772260987
Rev C. Nyenza ( Provincial Secretary ) 0772 854 995
Rev T. Nyamuparadza Howard Agape F/C 0772 439 986
Rev S. Chipangura Hoya 0775 331 516
Rev M. Chikoore Madziwa 0773 425 405
Pastor E. Zvavahera Matepatepa 0773 428 246
Rev S.Mutara Mazowe FOL ***0773300840
Pastor H. Chiswa Mazowe Urban 0773915514
Rev T. Gunyere Mt Darwin 0773192569
Rev E. Jimu Mushumbi 0772406654
Pastor R. Chitauro Muzarabani 0772423179
Rev L. Rusere Mvurwi DF 0772689497
Rev B. Chizinga Mvurwi Greater Grace 0772223394
Rev M. Musveva Nyava Adonai 0772858690
Pastor A. Gunha Rushinga 0772423179
Rev T. Starch Shamva Jubilee Centre 0772689497
Rev P. Kapandira Shamva Tehillah W/C 0772223394
Rev L. Munjeri Trojan Miracle Centre 0772858690