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Masvingo Province

M asvingo Province is headed by Overseer C. Mhaka since 2006 when he took over from Rev Madzinga. Overseer Mhaka has done a remarkable development since he assumed the duty of overseer. The province is one of the oldest in our church history .It gave birth to such provinces as Lowveld, Midlands and other assemblies were allocated to Manicaland Province. The other interesting thing about the background of the province is that its name has been derived from the name Great Zimbabwe ruins where there are some stone buildings erected by the Rozvi Empire long ago. The province gets magnificent pride of its identity which is Masvingo meaning stone buildings. Above all it is a tourist attraction province and our national symbol is taken from those stone buildings in our province. Yes we are so proud to be identified by the national symbol found in our province. The province is also so unique because of its diversified unity facilitating its growth from strength to strength.

We have encouraged all assemblies to build churches and houses for the A.F.M IN ZIMBABWE. On this note, we have witnessed the great hand of God in terms of development of building structures than ever before.

The province as said was started by elder Chihari who preached the Gospel in Chivhu which was his home area. In Chivhu there was a daughter called Hilda who was married there but her parents where from Chivi. Hilda was married to James Chitembure who resided in Chivhu. Mrs. Chitembure (Hilda), met the famous preacher elder Chihari in her area. However, she later converted to A.FM through the preacher. It is said the preacher’s original name wasn’t Chihari. Chihari was a nickname derived from his miraculous deeds. After Hilda was converted, she frequently visited her parents in Chivi thus she preached the gospel to her parents and family members and the whole family was converted to Christianity under the A.FM banner. Among others, her mother Mary was one of the converts. At a later stage, Mr Gwenyaya was later converted by Mary (Hilda’s mother) who was a brother to Hilda’s mother. It is said, at the time of Mr. Gwenyaya’s conversion, he had two wives and continued to live with them but later divorced the other wife. From that time, the Gospel spread far and wide in the Chivi area. Mr Gwenyaya’s homestead became a centre for missionary work in the area from where many preachers went forth into the area preaching the gospel. The Gospel even went beyond the Chivi area to other places like Gutu, Buhera and other surrounding areas.

Masvingo Provincial Pastors dining together at the first Quarterly Conference 2012

Due to the mushrooming of the church, Mr Gwenyaya went to Chivhu to meet elder Chihari by himself for the first time. During the course of their discussion. During the course of the discussion, he urged elder Chihari to visit his home area Chivi and to preach the gospel there and they agreed. This paved the way for elder Chihari to visit Chivi for the first time. When the preacher visited Chivi, the Gospel spread like fire in Chivi district and many people were converted to A.F.M church. During the visit of the preacher, Mr. Gwenyaya requested for a resident preacher in his area since the converts were so many and he knew that he was of two wives. During one of the prayer meetings, the Lord spoke to one of them and revealed that Peter Kupara Mutemererwa was to be their pastor. By that time he was living in Chivhu. Mr Chihari and Mr Gwenyaya went together to urge him to come down to Chivi and be a pastor there. Mutemererwa agreed and was given a place to stay by Mr Gwenyaya in his homestead. Reverend Peter Kupara became the first pastor in Chivi and later on not only Chivi but the whole province of Masvingo. He also became the first deputy chairperson of the missionaries when they first came to Zimbabwe. He preached the Gospel in Masvingo province until such a time when he was old and gave the button stick to his son Peter Steven Mutemererwa with senior elders the likes of elder Bhema, Gwanzura (nicknamed Chihari) and many others. To cut the story short, I can say after Peter Mutemererwa came John Gwanzura, Julius Mutume, Joseph Madzinga and Cadwell Mhaka who is currently the chairperson of the province.

Our Achievements (Click to expand)

• In August we managed to hold a layworkers seminar at a local hotel in Masvingo, a pastors’ tour in July and a Pastor’s seminar in Tzaanen - South Africa in September 2012..

• We have developed our provincial conference centre, progress of which is at the roof level of our ablution blocks.


All departments in the province have the common financial challenge, due to dependance on tithes/offerings. In this regard therefore we have urged all assemblies to embark on self sustaining projects for financial liquidity.

Evangelism Team

Leader: Rev E. Matambanadzo
As a province we managed this year to divide our province into five regions. This enabled us to reach every corner of our province .We also experienced the hand of God where the sick were healed, demon possessed delivered and many people testified of this visible hand of God in their lives.
The provincial evangelism department managed to hold  three crusades in different areas of our province. We have seen so many souls converted to the Lord.

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Rev C. Mhaka
( Overseer )
Rujeko 0772 637 689
Rev J.Madzinga
( Deputy Overseer )
Mucheke 0773 220 773
Rev Z. Zabura Secretary 0772 305 327
Elder P.T Magara Administrator 0772 816 085
Rev Charumbwidza
( Youth Leader )
Mashava 0773 913 228
Rev E.Matambanadzo
( Committee Member )
Solid Rock 0772 763 913
Rev J.Mutume New Life 0772 637 777
Rev D. Ndoni
Hillside 0772 373 752
Rev J. Marufu Shiloh 0773 913 200
Rev D. Mugwagwa Judea 0773 304 528
Rev S. Madziva City Centre 0772 816 173
Rev Chidaushe Mvuma 0772 231 894
Rev S. Mudyanadzo Mukore 0773 913 360
Rev K. Mapira Charandura 0773 912 216
Rev C. Manamike Rufaro 0774 879 723
Rev Mavirigwa Bikita 0773 683 598
Rev Mudimu Ndanga 0773 027 538
Rev G. Makura Chivi North 0773 270 310
Rev Nyakudya Bhasera 0712 959 032
Rev E. Mhere Bethel 0772 203 781
Rev Ngwaru Mapanzure 0773 069 115
Rev L. Nyamande Chivi 0773 910 360
Rev G. Charumbira Gutu North 0772 440 881
Rev. Mashoko Gutu South 0712 093 992
Rev G. Mundondo Masvingo 0775 903 550