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Matabeleland North Province

M atabeleland North Province was formed in 1997 from the Bulawayo Province. The first Overseer was Reverend Join Mdlongwa. The province consists of 15 Assemblies and is being managed by a Provincial Committee led by Overseer R. Sibanda.

As one unified army, we strive to be a Christ-centered community of faith that prayerfully seeks God’s direction as we provide opportunities for spiritual growth and expression through worship, education and servanthood, responding with God’s love and compassion to the needs of Matebeleland North.

It has been the desire of the Provincial Elders since 2010 to acquire a Provincial Centre for its member churches which would accommodate a Conference Auditorium, Provincial Offices, a Welfare Centre and a clinic. In July 2012 Matabeleland North Province managed to purchase a stand for the Provincial Centre about one kilometer from Victoria falls Airport.

No considerable development has been done as the construction of a water pipe from Victoria Falls town, 20 km away, is in progress. Preparatory works for the connection of water (on completion) has already been done. As this is a game area, aspects of environmental impact will be assessed and addressed before construction commences.

Spiritual Growth (Click to expand)

We aim to participate in the creation of and upholding of our church-wide sacraments of faith and maintain our core values by providing a wide and deep array of provincial seminars which speak both prophetically and pastorally, and which include and address the many sources from which our Christian living draws.

Numerical Growth

As the church transitions to a larger community, we develop our capabilities and resources to serve a growing, diverse congregation through all of our functions and programs by encouraging continuing visitors to become members, guide them through the path to membership, and help integrate them into the church community.

Structural / Physical Growth

We aim to increase the number of physical structures within the province by encouraging assemblies to develop their purchased stands and acquire other properties for the church.

Financial Growth

We seek to develop, manage, and monitor financial systems that ensure the financial health of Mat North Province as it lives its mission and values by emphasizing on the full utilization of the Financial Management Policy as a benchmark for management of church funds and assets.

Human Development

We seek to provide a reflective and skills based leadership that focuses on faith, spiritual, ethical and identity by offering pilot programs for people in ascribed leadership roles or who are considering these roles and by also offering a leadership development program to all lay-workers in the province.

The Province has managed to acquire a Provincial Centre near Victoria Falls airport which is being used by an assembly at the airport. In addition nine of our assemblies have managed to acquire church stands and seven have secured  pastors’ residencies.

The province managed to establish three rural assemblies from scratch through evangelism. These assemblies are:
Chisuma   -           a rural area in Victoria Falls being nursed by Worship Centre
Lukosi      -           a rural area in Hwange being nurse by Hillside Miracle centre
Dinde       -           a rural area in Hwange established by the Provincial Evangelis team

The province is finding it difficult to acquire a provincial truck for use in the remote areas which cannot be accessed by smaller cars.

Provincial Directory

Name Assembly Contact Number
Rev. R. Sibanda
( Overseer )
Maranatha 0772 655 910
Pastor L.S. Mutale
( Deputy Overseer )
Jubilee 0775 107 694
Pastor I. Kodzwa ( Provincial Secretary ) - Hillside Miracle Centre 0773 507 216
Elder S. Rwafa ( Provincial Administrator ) 0775 114 544
Pastor A. Matonga
( Youth Leader )
Faith Alive 0772 727105
Elder O. Marange
( Committee Member )
( Also Projects Officer ) 0712 209 318
Pastor K. Dube
( Committee Member )
Lupane / Lusulu 0773 239 101
Rev S.T. Chikomo Amazing Grace 0773 537 440
Rev N. Chiruva Rejoicing Centre / Dunamis 0772 621 415
Rev L. Chemhere School of Healing & Deliverance 0777 779 988
Rev J.D. Mandivudza Tabernacle of Praise 0773 480 675
Rev J. Mdlongwa Worship Center 0713 058 908
Rev T. Mukamwe Jambezi 0773 427 895
Rev C. Tobaiwa Siabuwa 0779 133 520
Rev W. Murawo Fire City Center 0714 304103