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National Young People’s Union Department

The Youth Department in the Apostolic Faith Mission is one of the biggest departments within the church in Zimbabwe. The constitution of AFMZ stipulates that any believer who is between 14 years and 40 years is regarded as Youth. This means that more than 65% of the membership is youth within AFMZ. It is the most dynamic.  Most of the activities within Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe are youth driven for example, praise and worship, intercession, evangelism and many related infrastructural development initiatives.

Rev P. Muhamba - Youth Leader

Any believer who is between 14 years and 40 years is regarded as Youth. This means that more than 65% of the membership is youth within the AFMZ. It is the most dynamic...

The youth department works complementary with other departments within the AFMZ, such departments are Children/Sunday school and Sister’s Union. The Youth supports the national vision and focus of the AFMZ. AFMZ holds national youth conference once a year (April of each year) at Rufaro Conference centres in Masvingo. Provincial Youth Department also holds a youth conference once per year in their provinces. There are 26 youth provinces within AFMZ; the membership of youth for the whole AFMZ is estimated to be above 1 million. Each provincial youth department is led by a provincial youth leader, who is an ordained pastor in the AFMZ. The Youth Leader works with a committee of eight people. The same principle also applies at the assembly level where the youth leader is selected to lead and initiate youth related activities. Most of the youth activities are grassroots driven, where the participation of the local youth is encouraged.

Youth activities within AFMZ are based on holistic and integrative approach where all the needs of the human person are addressed, these needs are; spiritual, social, intellectual (SOUL, SPIRIT & BODY).All the teaching and programmes with the AFMZ youth departments are based on the confession of faith outlined in the constitution of AFMZ. These are Biblically based and pentecostally driven. The youth programmes with AFM are designed in a manner that addresses the full being. These programmes are implemented from assembly level, provincial to national level. Some of the programmes are outlined below.

Big Saturdays (Click to expand)

Youths from various assemblies meet once in a while at provincial level for prayer, word, seminars etc. also all AFMZ youths at assemblies meet every Saturday afternoon for prayers, worship, preaching teaching, fellowship and many related activities.


Youth at assembly level engage in soul-winning exercises through crusades and door to door witnessing.

Sports - Apostolic Games

Youths engage in sports for team building and character moulding purposes.

Choral Festivals

Music groups at assembly level participate on provincial music activities.

Talent Shows

Youth with various talents such singing, drama, are given opportunity to exhibit their talents.

Examination Prayers

YPrior to national examinations in Zimbabwe, usually October of each year youths gather in their provinces praying for their fellows who will be sitting examinations (grade 7, O level, A level and tertiary examinations.

Platform of Excellence

Students who exceptionally perform in the examinations are awarded some acknowledgement through prizes.

NYPU Leadership

The President, Rev Madziyire is the Youth Chairman and the current complimentary leadership of the department is as follows:


Rev C Gomba

Rev C Gomba is an ordained pastor within the AFM in Zimbabwe. Currently serving at the Provincial Youth Leader for Bulawayo North Province, he is pastoring AFM in Zimbabwe Sauerstown Assembly. Besides the pastoral responsibilities, he is an upcoming academic who is in his final year for a PhD in Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies with the University of Kwazulu Natal, Durban - South Africa. He is married to Theophania Gomba and the couple is blessed with three children. He is also serving as the Acting Principal of Azusa Theological Seminary.


Deacon G. Shumbambiri

Mr. G Shumbambiri is a Deacon within the AFM in Zimbabwe. He has been the Treasurer for AFM Harare West Youth Province from January 2005 to date and National Youth Treasurer from January 2008 to date. Apart from the YPU department activities, he is an Assembly Administrator and a Provincial Committee Member for Harare West Province. Mr. Shumbambiri is a holder of an MBA from Nottingham Trent University, a BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, a BCom with Specialization in Financial Management from the University of South Africa, Banking Diploma from the Institute of Bankers Zimbabwe and an ACCA Finalist.