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AFM in Zimbabwe National Youth Department Offices

AFM in Zimbabwe National Youth Department opened their new Offices in Tynwald, Harare on 10 June 2015. The department which is headed by the newly chosen Dr C. Gomba has put up a number of initiatives as they gear up for their tenure of leadership and for the church’s prestigious Centenary Celebrations to be held at Rufaro Conference Centre in Masvingo. One of them was the setting up of fully fledged offices and a printing station. The Offices are situated at the spacious former National Offices at Living Waters Theological Seminary’s Tynwald Campus.

Speaking at the setting of the offices Dr C Gomba had this to say about the offices “We thank God that we have finally managed to set up AFM National Youth Offices. It is a historic day in the account of the Youth Department in AFM; Many thanks to a dedicated team who worked tirelessly to establish this office. Dr Gomba further said these offices will serve as the administrative backbone of the department and makes every nerve of the department tick towards a sustainable operational system and framework”. The opening of the YPU Offices will assist in many ways. Administration of the Department becomes easier and as well, for Provincial Youth Departments and all Church members, better access has been provided. Now separately situated from the National Offices, the move on its own has an effect of creating a more focused environment for the vibrant arm of the Church.

The offices are manned by Mr Blessing Mudanganyi who is a qualified Accountant and Project Manager. He serves as AFM National Youth Accounts & Projects Officer. Please visit them if you can. Currently they are in the process of installing the state of art printing machine at the same site which will provide printing services of receipt books, posters, calendars, hymns books etc.